NPORS / PDO Training

We all are very well aware, several accidents related to lifting equipment is happening everywhere in the world and in most cases it has been found that the accidents happens due to either lack of proper training or faulty equipment. Considering all the facts that an operator or an user of a lifting equipment faces while operating / using it, al sarooj safety services delivers courses which meets the international and local standards to train and educate the people about safe and proper use of various lifting equipments. Most of our courses meets the requirement of PDO (Petroleum Development Oman) and are accredited by NPORS (National Plant Operators Registration Scheme), UK.

We currently offer following courses-:

Appointed Person Lifting (BS 7121)

Mobile Crane Operator

Lorry Loader Crane Operator (Hiab)

Overhead Crane Operator

Industrial Counterbalanced Lift Truck (Forklift) Operator

M.E.W.P. (Boom/ Scissor Lift) Operator

Crane / Lift Supervisor

Slinger / Signaller (Rigger & Banksman)

Excavator 360 degree Operator

Excavator as a Crane

Micro Excavator (Upto 1 tonne) Operator

Loading Shovel Operator

Compact Crane Operator

Boat Hoist Operator

Marine Knuckle Boom Crane Operator

Material Re-handler 360 degree Operator

Safe Use of Harness and Fall Arrest System

Safe Working at Height

Safety Awareness

Plant Mover

Quick Hitch Awareness

Tower Crane Operator (Non-NPORS)

Basic Understanding and Inspection of Lifting Equipments (Non-NPORS)

Vehicle Banksman / Flagger (Non-NPORS)

Passenger Hoist / Material Hoist (Non-NPORS)

Building Maintenance Cradle (Non-NPORS)

We can also provide client specific training related to lifiting equipments as per the requirement of our client's. We have very well experienced multi lingual trainers / instructors who can make the trainees understand the importanece of proper use of lifting equipments and make the trainees realize the importance of working safely.

For any of your requirement, please send an enquiry to alsarooj@omantel.net.om