Non Destructive Examination

Most of the lifting equipment has to undergo Non Destructive Examination after certain specified period of time to make sure that there aren't any cracks / defects which aren't visible to our naked eyes as per the local / international regulation. Al sarooj safety services has qualified and experienced ASNT Level 2 inspectors who can carry out this job in a very professional manner.

We currently carry out magnetic particle inspection and dye penetrant inspection on various lifting equipments. We're equipped with the right tools and right people to make sure that the equipment our client's possess gets inspected in a proper way. Getting equipments inspected in a proper way is very essential to make sure that no any accident takes place. We carry out non destructive examination on following-:

Welded Pad Eyes

Welds of Structure

Crane Hook Block Assembly

Forks of Forklift

Masterlink / Master Assembly

Lifting Gears (Chain Sling, Shackle etc.)

Other Equipments Required to Undergo NDE

We can carry out non destructive examination at our facility as well as on site as per the convenience of the client throughout sultanate of oman. 

We can also carry out destructive test of wire rope and other lifting equipments.

For any of your requirement, please send an enquiry to alsarooj@omantel.net.om