Supply of Safe Load Indicators

Safe load indicator is a very vital instrument that must be installed on most cranes these days for a safe lift. It gives an operator the information about the crane's configuration and it's limitation. Having a safe load indicator fixed on a crane assures that your each an every lift shall be safe and within the opeartional limitation.

Al sarooj safety services has been supplying and installing safe load indicator on cranes for several years and we've experienced people who can carry out this job without any errors. We are an approved agency for rayco wylie system and have so far supplied and installed safe load indicator to our several client's.

Safety is everybody's concern as of today and to make sure all your lifts are made safely, we strongly recommend you to have a safe load indicator installed on your crane. One minor mistake / misunderstanding might lead to a disaster and we have always worked with a belief that all accidents are preventable, we just need to focus on it.

For any of your requirement, please send an enquiry to alsarooj@omantel.net.om